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Pinpoint Dealer Services has teamed with location tracking leader, TrueSpot, to bring location data to your Supra KeyAdvantage key box. Track the box. Track the car. You can even be notified if the box moves or is tampered with 24-hours a day.

How does KeyAdvantage Connect work?​

Your dealership lots are geo-fenced to create a campus network​

A radio transponder is securely attached to your Supra boxes​

The radio transponder provides instant location information including movement to TrueSpot’s lot management software

Alerts can be set up to notify the dealership if the box moves or is tampered with after working hours​

Your team can access all of the data through PC, iOS, or Android devices​

Need more? TrueSpot solutions can be expanded to track keys, dealer plates, or anything else you need to keep tabs on.

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